Sunday School

Mt. Zion's Sunday School Ministry is one of our most important ministries. From young to old we have a Sunday School class for you!  If you would like to know more about a Sunday School class, please visit the usher office in the Worship Center or the Church Office.  You may also call the church at 501-332-5866.

Room key: CM-Children's Ministry ♦ EB-Educational Building ♦ WC-Worship Center ♦ YMC-Youth Ministry Center

Children's Department

Nursery (Birth -2 years) Room: CM 1 & 2
Workers: Jeannie Thacker or Sara Wheatley

Sonbeams (2 - 3 years) Room: CM 3
Teachers: Heather Grigsby or Jeannie Thacker

Pre K (3 years - Kindergarten) Room: CM 4
Teachers: Heather Grigsby or Jeannie Thacker

Beginners (Kindergarten – 2nd Grades) Room: CM 7
Teachers: Marie Pierce or Paulette Hathcock

Primary & Juniors (3rd – 6th Grades) Room: CM 8
Teachers: Lisa Kuykendall or Kim Overton

Teen Department

Teen (7th – 12th Grade) Room: YMC
Teachers: Dale Hamilton

The Sunday School classes in the Children's and Teen's departments use D6 EveryDay curriculum published by Randall House.  D6 EveryDay curriculum cultivates generational disciple makers to live out what they learn.  It highlights not only the story of the Bible but also the reason "why" it is important.  D6 EveryDay brings a higher level of Bible engagement, laying a foundation of why and then teaching the what and how.

Adult Department

Adult #1 Room: EB 101
Teacher: Mike Clayton
The curriculum used is the American Baptist Association, Bogard Press Sunday School literature “Through-The-Bible” series. The teaching style of this class is lecture.

Christian Discipleship Room: EB 105
Teacher: Fred Penny or Richard Kenney
The aim of the class is to aid Christians in their spiritual growth and maturity through various Bible studies, activities and fellowship. The class is open to all ages. The teaching style of this class is lecture and discussion.

The Well Room: EB 102
Teacher: Alesa Lambert, Connie Atkinson, Carol Rines
This is a class for ladies who attend church alone, whose husbands teach, or for those who just want to be in a ladies Sunday school class and grow with Christian women.  The study material they use is designed for women in their spiritual journeys.

Faith and Fellowship Room: EB 104
Teacher: Pastor Donis Smead
The curriculum used is D6 EveryDay "Fusion."  These studies focus on the same scripture as the lessons from the children's and teen classes.  This equips friends and families to talk about and apply their faith together everyday.  The teaching style of this class is reading, lecture, and group discussion.

CONNECT  Room: WC 201
Teacher: Chris Nelson
The Connect Class focuses on Bible exploration, spiritual maturity, topical and cultural connections, and encouraging fellowship.  The wide range of ages and status in life (from high school graduates to empty nesters), exponentially increases ideas and experiences within the class and stimulates lively and thought-provoking discussion.  Whether church-approved book studies, or other Bible-rich and Scripture-based subject matter, the Connect curriculum is timely, relevant to today's culture, and spirit edifying in content.